Think or Blink – Secrets of great interviewers

There are two methods, not necessarily mutually exclusive, that hiring managers can arrive at decisions. Gut reactions from interviewers The first is a gut level instant reaction as examined by Malcolm Gladwell in his book ‘Blink’. A receptionist at A&E instinctively knows by a mother’s face to press the emergency button for a child, an […]

Mission-Led Search Strategy – Assessing senior leadership candidates

When assessing candidates for a senior leadership hire two main criteria are predominantly deployed. Does the candidate have the requisite experience aligned to this role? Is the candidate a strong cultural fit for the organisation? Is there alignment? While these criteria should absolutely be asked as part of the assessment process, our experience has shown […]

What is Executive Search?

Executive search is a specialised branch of recruitment, closely aligned to management consultancy. The service is deployed to identify and attract candidates for senior level appointments at C-Suite, Board, VP and Director level. The execution of senior leadership roles has a large impact on organisational performance and is a key differentiator in whether a company […]