Best Practice

Alignment of mission, culture, diversity and execution. Innovation and best practice in retained executive search

Best Practices in Executive Search Recruitment

At Sienna Edge, we prioritise aligning mission and culture with the execution of our executive search recruitment process. Our goal is to connect exceptional impact leadership talent with outstanding opportunities to execute on exciting remits.

We adhere to best practices in every executive search mandate, continuously refining our methodology and innovative search processes to provide each client with an exceptional shortlist of candidates tailored to their unique requirements. To achieve this, we rely on our robust search and assessment framework, Insight 360.

Developed over many years and refined through hundreds of searches, Insight 360 continues to evolve as we incorporate new search technology and assessment methodologies to better serve our clients. 

Mission led search strategy

Each assignment begins with a comprehensive evaluation of the company’s mission and culture. Our experience demonstrates that candidates who are aligned with the mission and the organisation’s DNA have a much greater likelihood of success.

Following this assessment, we establish the role, objectives, and talent needed to fulfil the specific requirements of the position. This critical stage involves developing a search strategy, assessment framework, and timeline to ensure a seamless and successful recruitment process.

The Deep Dive: Comprehensive Executive Search Recruitment

Our clients choose Sienna Edge for our ability to find exceptional leadership talent that aligns with their mission. Our executive search recruitment process delves deeper and goes further than other firms, beginning with “the deep dive.” In this exhaustive search, we identify approximately 150 highly qualified candidates to approach, depending on the nature of the position.

As we engage with and interview these candidates for interest and relevance, our research team conducts a thorough analysis of each candidate’s digital footprint. We go beyond surface-level assessments to truly understand each individual’s journey and career aspirations. By employing the latest practices in qualitative psychological assessment, we provide a comprehensive picture of each candidate.

From this rigorous process, we create a shortlist of highly qualified candidates with strong intent, ready for client interviews. With Sienna Edge, you can trust that our deep dive approach ensures the perfect fit for your organisation’s mission and objectives.

Insight360: The Value of Insight over Information

At Sienna Edge, we understand the importance of insight over information in candidate assessment, setting us apart from other executive search firms. While access to candidate information in the digital age is readily available, we believe it’s not enough to rely solely on this data. True value comes from the ability to apply insightful analysis, backed by experience, knowledge, and the right tools.

Our proprietary internal assessment framework, Insight 360, enables Sienna Edge to offer valuable insights into candidates’ past performance and predict their future success, tailored to each client’s specific needs. Additionally, we collaborate closely with internal HR and Talent Acquisition teams to ensure alignment with key cultural and technical skills.

By leveraging Insight 360, we go beyond surface-level information to deliver a comprehensive understanding of each candidate, empowering our clients to make informed decisions in their executive search process.


One of the hallmarks of working with Sienna Edge is our commitment to partnership and transparency throughout the search. Through our search tracking system we are able to share progress with our clients in real-time.