Best Practice

Retained Executive Search Recruitment - C-Suite for Learning Companies

Executive Search Recruitment best practice

We align mission and culture with execution of our executive search recruitment. Connecting the very best in technology leadership with outstanding opportunities to deliver positive social impact.

Sienna Edge applies best practices to every executive search mandate, constantly evolving their methodology and innovative search processes to provide every client. This means an exceptional shortlist of talent, aligned to their unique requirements. Delivered through the use of our unique and robust search and assessment framework, Insight 360. 

This has been developed through many years and hundreds of searches. It continues to evolve as we deploy new innovative search technology and assessment methodology. 

Mission led search strategy

Each assignment will commence with a thorough assessment of the company’s mission and culture. Our experience shows candidates aligned the mission, the organisations DNA have a much greater likelihood of success.

The role, objectives and the talent required to deliver on that remit are then established. This is a crucial stage in which a search strategy, assessment framework and timelines are established.

The Deep Dive - going further with Executive Search Recruitment

We are retained by our clients for our ability to locate exceptional leadership talent aligned to their mission. Our executive search recruitment process goes far deeper and further than other firms. Everything starts with “the deep dive”. An exhaustive search is undertaken to identify outstanding talent able to execute on the remit. We identify around 150 highly qualified candidates to approach depending on the nature of the position.

As these candidates are approached and interviewed for interest and relevancy, the research team goes far beyond a cursory review of a candidate’s digital footprint to really understand a candidates journey and career aspirations. Using the latest practices in qualitative psychological assessment to provide a complete picture.

This will then be translated into a shortlist of candidates both qualified and with strong intent for client interview.


Unlike other executive search firms, we recognise the value of insight over information and apply this directly to candidate assessment. Access to candidate information in the digital age is commonplace, and many recruitment firms believe this is enough. We do not! True value comes from be ability to apply insightful analysis backed up with experience, knowledge and tools to do so. 

Using Insight 360, our own internal assessment framework, Sienna Edge can provide valuable insight into past performance and calculate future delivery, personalised to each client’s mandate. And, of course, we work in partnership with the internal HR and TA teams to meet those key cultural and technical skills.


One of the hallmarks of working with Sienna Edge is our commitment to partnership and transparency throughout the search. Through our search tracking system we are able to share progress with our clients in real-time.